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by Lorraine Williamson
financial planning in Spain

For Americans and other English-speakers living in Spain, how finance works here is a mystery we don’t ever expect to solve. Fortunately, a new book has arrived that will do just that for us.   

The guidebook to financial planning for English-speaking expats in Spain has at last been written. The book “The Dougherty Code: Secrets of Financial Planning in Spain Revealed” gives readers a masterful blend of personal storytelling and technical insight that explains the nuances of financial planning in Spain in plain English. It is rare to encounter a guide that is as enlightening as it is enjoyable to read. 

Peter Dougherty 

The author is Peter Dougherty, an American financial planner at BISSAN Wealth Management. Since its founding in 2010, BISSAN has a proud track record of providing fully regulated and trustworthy financial planning advice to its clients. BISSAN provides locally based advice and has a wealth of financial planning expertise in Spain. It has offices in both Barcelona and Bilbao. 

Peter Dougherty holds a Certificate in Financial Planning from Northwestern University in Chicago and an MBA from Columbia Business School in New York. In Spain, he is a European Financial Planner (EFP). In the US, he is a Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor® and a certified Foreign Account Tax Compliance (FATCA) specialist.  

Cogesa Expats

To the point 

In his new book, Peter explains what expats in Spain need to know about financial planning, how it’s practiced in Spain, and other important topics such as investments and taxes. It’s not a thick book. Moreover, he discusses what expats need to know without complicated details. You can order the book via this link. 

“A clearly organised and amusingly written guide” 

As one reviewer wrote: “A clearly organised and amusingly written guide about starting a financial planning business in Spain, which will be of great use to anyone in that specialised niche but also, remarkably, of genuine interest to the general reader interested in Spanish or European financial history. Peter Dougherty provides a fascinating account of how he came to live and work in a foreign country, what he has learned in his years navigating the complex and bureaucratic Spanish system, and his ultimate goals ahead, which will be immediately useful to anyone planning to manage their money in Spain.” Self-Publishing Review, ★★★★ 


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