“Málaga Loves”: Street art connects Málaga and Basel, Switzerland

by Lorraine Williamson
Malaga loves Basel work of art

MALAGA – In September, the city of Málaga celebrates a special event: the second edition of their ‘Street Art’ promotions. The event is part of the anniversary “Picasso Celebración 1973-2023″ and follows a previous exhibition in Munich. 

With a new mural called “Málaga Loves Basel”, the city of Málaga is on a charm offensive to promote its rich artistic heritage and promote cultural dialogue. 

A monumental masterpiece 

Created by local artist Eduardo Luque ‘Lalone’, the ten-metre-high and nine-metre-wide mural is located in the heart of Basel, a city that itself attracts more than 1.2 million visitors each year. The painting is strategically placed at Kohlenberggasse 1, close to some of Basel’s most important museums. 

International cooperation 

During the unveiling of the mural, Jacobo Florido, the Delegation Council of Tourism and Promotion of the city, and Esther Keller, the Government Council of the Canton of Basel, were present. The artwork features icons and landmarks from both Basel and Málaga, including their famous cathedrals. Moreover, it symbolises an artistic bridge between the two cities. 

Art in the DNA of Málaga 

But it doesn’t stop at international murals. Málaga has its thriving street art scene, particularly in the Soho district, also known as Barrio de las Artes. Here visitors will find a rich collection of murals and installations that bring the streets to life. This shows that the city is not only the birthplace of Pablo Picasso but is also a modern art destination. 

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Connections with Basel and Picasso 

Picasso’s story is deeply entrenched in Basel’s history, most notably because of a public referendum in 1967 that led to the purchase of two Picasso works. The city has since become a significant player in the art world, and the new mural further strengthens this bond. 

A global canvas 

The “Málaga Loves…” initiative is just one part of an extensive program in honour of the Picasso anniversary. With events in countries such as the US, Canada, and Argentina, Málaga aims to expand its cultural influence worldwide. The next stop? Shanghai, where the street art initiative will launch in the autumn. The city thus becomes a global canvas for its unique mix of traditional and modern art. 

Is Málaga the new world capital of art? Time will tell, but for now, it is clear that the city is spreading its love of art and culture not only in its streets, but all over the world. 

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