Large hailstones and heavy storms hit village in Malaga province

by Lorraine Williamson
heavy storms

PROVINCIA DE MáLAGA – An unexpected cloudburst brought chaos to Sierra de Yeguas in the province of Malaga on Friday afternoon. Heavy storms completely flooded the streets of the small town. 

Residents quickly took to their mobile devices to capture images, which were then widely shared on social media. In addition to the intense rainfall, there were also large hailstones, that according to residents were the size of euro coins. 

The Spanish weather agency Aemet had previously issued a yellow warning for these types of phenomena. Between 2.00 pm and 9.00 pm, the Antequera region, where Sierra de Yeguas is located, could experience such extreme weather conditions. The prediction turned out to be quite accurate. 

Flooded streets and safety advice 

The streams of water made it impossible to see the asphalt or pavements, especially in narrow alleys where the water made its way. In response to the flooding, the Sierra de Yeguas town hall advised residents to leave their cars at home and not go on the road. The route to Fuente de Piedra in particular was not recommended. 

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Similar storms in other places 

In other towns in Malaga, such as Álora and Gaucín, people also felt the impact of the storm around the same time, as reported by the Twitter account @StormMálaga with images from Aemet. 

Previous floods in Constantina 

This was reminiscent of a similar incident in Constantina (Seville) where residents were awakened last night by a massive downpour between two and three in the morning. There were also numerous problems with flooding of streets and even houses full of mud. A cafe floor was also flooded. Furthermore, around 60 litres of rain fell in just 15 minutes, meaning the sewage system could not cope with the amount of water. 

Call for vigilance 

These types of extreme weather events focus on the need for better weather forecasting and contingency plans, especially in areas that are increasingly experiencing climate-related phenomena. Local authorities call on residents to remain vigilant and strictly follow safety instructions. 

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