Free entrance to the most beautiful historical locations in Spanish World Heritage cities

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MADRID – Fifteen beautiful Spanish World Heritage cities open their historic sites to the public on the occasion of ‘La Noche del Patrimonio’. Today, Saturday, September 16, you get the unique opportunity to visit numerous monuments and museums in the evening.

You can visit countless monuments and museums in cities such as Ávila, Baeza, Cáceres or Córdoba, and many guided tours and outdoor activities on the program. This is not a standard museum visit. These cities turn into living history books and open-air museums for one night.

Culture and history accessible to everyone

The goal of the organisation of La Noche del Patrimonio is to make culture and history as accessible as possible for both residents and tourists. That is why access to all locations is free. And it doesn’t stop there. Guides show you around and provide background information you will not find in any book.

Very diverse programme

From flamenco dancers in the squares of Seville to medieval alleys in Toledo that come to life through street theatre. Art installations rise next to centuries-old cathedrals. Musicians fill the twilight with melodies that enliven the cities with their ancient monuments.

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Participating cities are pulling out all the stops

Cities such as Barcelona, Granada and Salamanca are showing their best side. In Barcelona, you can enjoy a magical light and sound show at the Montjuïc fountain. In Granada, special lighting transforms the Alhambra into a fairytale setting. Salamanca organises an open-air film screening against the backdrop of the old university buildings.

Alcalá de Henares, Cuenca, Ibiza/Eivissa, Mérida, San Cristóbal de La Laguna, Santiago de Compostela, Segovia, Tarragona, Toledo and Úbeda also have various cultural activities on the program. Click here for more information.

Local and international attention

This event doesn’t just attract locals. Tourists from all over the world are already eager. Hotels and restaurants are preparing for a busy evening. The media is ready to report on everything. Click here for ‘La Noche del Patrimonio’, a moment of unity and reflection. It shows how culture can bring people together, regardless of origin or belief.

Economic boost

In addition to the cultural wealth, the event offers an economic boost for the participating cities. Local businesses and street vendors see their turnover increase. The event generates employment and puts Spain even more firmly on the international map as a cultural hotspot.

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