Ibiza wants to use ‘under cover’ tourists against illegal parties

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illegal parties - botellones

IBIZA – The Consell de Ibiza, the island government, wants to conduct a pilot test to end illegal parties. For this, the board calls on the help of international tourists between the ages of 30 and 40. They want them to go ‘under cover’, visit parties and warn the police. 

Local officials are looking for people who fit the profile to help track down some of the illegal parties that have taken place in recent weeks. The local government was forced to close discos and nightclubs after registering a worrying increase in the number of infections. Apart from outdoor venues where parties are held, tourists on the Balearic island in particular regularly hold clandestine celebrations resulting in an increase in infections. According to the island government, these have increased the incidence to 1,814 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. 

Illegal parties

The Consell’s first vice president, Mariano Juan, told Diario de Ibiza that illegal parties are being tracked down and explained how they are planning to do so. Those parties “not only go against the rules of public order but pose a clear risk to the health of the population.”  

Cogesa Expats

“The police themselves say that it is difficult for them to infiltrate because the locals know them. So we have to look further for help. We have been working on the new plan for two weeks,” Mariano Juan told local media. 

Stop infection rate growing

The new plan will ‘start this summer’. The Balearic Islands government is also trying to cope with the growth of infections by adopting new measures. In this regard, however, it is awaited what measures other countries, such as the United Kingdom, will take. Depending on this is whether foreign tourists from specific countries can continue to arrive on the island. 

For example, Britons who have been fully vaccinated on their return from the Balearic Islands no longer have to comply with a mandatory quarantine. However, the UK updates its ‘traffic light’ every week, with different ones for tourism each time 

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