Hurricane Danielle seems to pass harmlessly through Spain

by Lorraine Williamson
Hurricane Danielle

It was uncertain for a while, the forecasts changed regularly, but now it is as good as confirmed that Hurricane Danielle will not pose any danger to Spain.  

Hurricane Danielle continues to advance towards Europe. However, based on the most recent data predicting the direction of the hurricane, it seems unlikely Danielle will hit Spain. The hurricane is moving slowly and may change direction. Although, the chance of Danielle reaching the Iberian Peninsula is getting smaller. So says meteorologist Juan Jesús González Alemán of the Spanish weather service AEMET. ‘We can start to think that the hurricane will not pose a threat to Spain,’ Alemán noted on social media.  

It is very likely that the hurricane will move to the northeast and weaken due to colder water and unfavourable conditions. ‘Once Danielle is close to Europe, she will transition into squalls. That will be by the weekend. Therefore, its effects are unlikely to be felt in Spain,’ AEMET said. At best, there is still slight doubt as to whether any of the gusts will be felt on the peninsula. 

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The US National Hurricane Centre (NHC) notes that Danielle remains strong, with sustained wind gusts of over 150 kilometres per hour. The hurricane is now about 1515 kilometres west of the Azores and is moving northeast at a speed of 13 kilometres per hour. American experts suspect that it will become more powerful, which will actually move the storm further away from Spain. 

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