How Madrid is preparing for a potential major power outage?

by Lorraine Williamson
major power outage

MADRID – Madrid has drawn up a preparation plan in the event there is a major power outage in Europe. There is a roadmap with recommendations very similar to those for snowfall, ice, and cold waves, according to 

The protocol invites the population to provide themselves with electrical generators, batteries, candles, analogue radio receivers and basic food. “We do not want to alarm the population. However, we have only established the foundations and protocols of action. This is based on the assumption that these kinds of emergencies can occur. And, therefore we must be prepared,” said the Minister of the Presidency, Justice and Home Affairs, Enrique Lopez. “We are going to develop recommendations very similar to those made during snowfall, ice and cold waves,” he added. 

Drafting contingency plans 

In this sense, the first thing that the regional administration is going to ask is that essential infrastructures (hospitals, public transport, food stations, etc.) prepare contingency plans with the introduction of “alternative or complementary energy systems”. In particular, the Ayuso government is pushing for the creation of a logistics group to coordinate with supply companies and to establish a catalogue of resources and ways that can be activated in an emergency. At the same time, an assessment will also be made of reception centres and possible facilities for receiving displaced persons at risk. 

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Action protocol for population 

For the population, the Community of Madrid has a somewhat more basic action protocol; stocking electrical generators, batteries, candles, analogue radio receivers and basic food that does not need to be kept refrigerated. The Community of Madrid does not want to sound the alarm. Therefore it does not set in its plan the number of days that these resources should last. However, it is recommended, in other European places where they also prepare for a possible power outage, to have enough stock for two weeks. 

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