High temperatures expected in Spain this weekend

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High temperatures expected in Spain this weekend

After the last showers and cloudy skies disappear during Friday, the end of the week will be characterised by abnormally high temperatures. The highest temperatures expected would not be out of place in the middle of summer.

According to José Antonio Maldonado, director of Meteored, these kinds of temperatures occur mainly in the south and east of the peninsula in summer. At the end of this week, the spring weather will be wonderful before the expected rise in temperature. Only in the northern half of Spain and some parts of the Canary Islands will showers occur.

Hottest May of 21st century

It has only been a year since Spain recorded the hottest May of the 21st century. Maldonado points out that: “A year ago, three provincial capitals broke records for the month of May: Almería with 36.3 ºC, Santander 33.6 ºC and Oviedo 32.4 ºC”. The meteorologist expects it will not get that crazy, but the maximums in the southern half of the peninsula will far exceed the average temperatures for May. In some places it is expected to be 10ºC warmer than normal.

On Twitter, Meteored warns: ‘Do you live in the valley of the Guadalquivir or on the east coast of the peninsula? This weekend you can take a dip. There will be maximum temperatures of 35ºC or even higher. ‘

The rise in temperature over the next few days will be caused by warm winds from the west caused by the Azorean anticyclone and high pressure areas that will enter the peninsula in a wedge shape. In the southern regions and the Mediterranean, it will be hottest, “especially in the latter because of the Föhn effect”.

Where will temperatures be the highest?

On Saturday, also the festival of San Isidro in Madrid, Galicia, the Cantabrian regions, Navarra, La Rioja and in the northwest of Castilla y León will have to deal with some rain. The rest of the peninsula will be mostly cloudless. The temperature rise will be most noticeable on Saturday. In Jaén, Córdoba, Murcia, Valencia and Seville, this could reach more than 30ºC.

Maximum temperatures next Sunday

Murcia 37 ºC

Malaga 35 ºC

Cogesa Expats

Valencia 34 ºC

Seville 34 ºC

Cordova 34 ºC

Huelva 31 ºC

Alicante 30 ºC

Albacete 30 ºC

During Sunday, Galicia, Asturias, Cantabria, Basque Country and the Pyrenees of Navarre will be the only areas affected by rain. In the south of the peninsula, the skies will remain clear and temperatures will rise significantly, as shown.

Maldonado points to three striking factors of this heat period. First, “the temperatures reported over the weekend will be abnormally high in many regions, but have been reached many times on other occasions.” Furthermore, the high temperatures will not last long. Finally, the minimum temperatures will be much lower than in the summer months.

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