Spain will achieve group immunity in August

by Lorraine Williamson
Group immunity - increase in rate of vaccinations

MADRID – The Spanish Prime Minister has announced that he will receive 13 million doses of Pfizer in June. This will mean an increase from 1.7 million to 2.7 million doses administered per week in June. Therefore, it could be possible for group immunity to be achieved by the second half of August. 

According to Pedro Sánchez, this represents a ‘giant step’ in the progress of the Spanish vaccination campaign and in achieving the goals set in that campaign. With those 13 million Pfizer vaccines, the weekly rate of vaccination in Spain can be increased from 1.7 million per week to 2.7 million per week from the beginning of June. 

Boost for vaccination by June 

In the first week of May, 5 million people in Spain had received the full dose of the corona vaccine. With this boost from Pfizer, and of course with the periodic deliveries from the other manufacturers, it is expected this number will rise to 10 million people in the first week of June. 

Spain seems to reach its final goal in mid-August 

Sánchez also presented the following intermediate steps:

Cogesa Expats
  • By June 14, 15 million people in Spain to be fully vaccinated.
  • In the week of July 19, there will be 25 million.
  • By the end of August, but most likely by the middle of that month, the government will have reached the target of 33 million people in Spain (70%) to be vaccinated. 

Four Spanish regions are starting to vaccinate 40-50 year olds 

Meanwhile, four regions in Spain announced they will start vaccinating the population between the ages of 40-50 in June. From July it will then be the turn of people under 40 in these regions. 

In Madrid and Catalonia, people between the ages of 40-49 are vaccinated in June. And the under-40s will be vaccinated in July. Valencia and Castile and León will start vaccinating people between the ages of 40 and 49 in mid-June. All over 50s in Valencia must have received at least one dose by that time. 

State of affairs for all of Spain 

At the time of writing, 14,318,348 people (30.2%) have had a first shot and 6,502,978 (13.7%) of the population in Spain has already received a full dose of one of the corona vaccines. 


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