Heavy rain, wind and remarkable temperature fluctuations in Spain

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heavy rain

MADRID – After several days of cold and frost, Spain is facing a drastic change in the weather this week. A series of Atlantic depressions arrive, bringing intense rain. Storms Hipólito and Irene will have a major impact.

In addition to the precipitation, unusually high temperatures are also expected for this time of year. Spain has had several days of significant cold and frost, but now the weather is about to shift. A depression called Hipólito caused the week to start with rainy weather in large parts of Spain. On the other hand, this brought higher temperatures. In Valencia, temperatures of up to 24 degrees were even measured, which is unusual for this time of year.

Forecast for Tuesday

The situation will not change much on Tuesday. Although Hipólito has decreased in strength, the day will still be cloudy and rainy, especially in the morning hours. In the afternoon, another system, associated with a depression called Irene, will bring rain and strong winds to the west of the Iberian Peninsula. Wind gusts can even reach speeds of 90 kilometers per hour in the north of Spain.

Notable temperature fluctuations

Temperatures will be remarkable this week, especially in the south and the Mediterranean. A subtropical air mass will move into the region and temperatures could be up to 12 degrees higher than normal for this time of year.

Wednesday promises heavy weather

The worst weather is expected on Wednesday when Depression Irene moves closer to Spain. Although the epicenter will not hit land, the weather will be rainy again throughout the Iberian Peninsula, except for the Mediterranean.

Many provinces have issued yellow and orange alerts for the consequences of Storm Irene.

Later this week

Rain will continue on Thursday across most of the country, especially in the Cantabrian region. There is uncertainty about weather conditions on Friday, but another Atlantic storm could form near the coast of Portugal. This could cross the peninsula, bringing widespread rain, strong winds, and possibly snow in higher areas.

Temperatures will be above normal all week, with mild lows and a slight dip starting Thursday. There is little chance of frost, except in the higher parts of the Pyrenees.

Rain for dry areas

The Costa del Sol is also expected to finally experience rain, although the main focus of the showers in the area is more inland. Drought-stricken parts of Catalonia can also expect wetness, especially on Friday. Then there is even a chance of snow up to the coastal zone. Click on this link for Meteored’s rain radar.


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