Fly through an idyllic Spanish mountain landscape by zipline at 189 km per hour

by Lorraine Williamson

JACA – If you like an adrenaline rush, read on. Spain has the fastest zipline in the world. This takes you at a speed of 189 kilometres per hour through an idyllic mountain landscape in the Pyrenees. 

This is the closest you can get to flying without booking a plane ticket. You zoom through a landscape without the deafening sound of an engine. Just don’t be afraid of heights. While hanging on a cable, the speed increases. 

The place where you can step on this zipline couldn’t be more idyllic. It is located near the town of Fiscal in the Pyrenees of the province of Huesca. In the middle of the beautiful landscape of the Ordesa y Monte Perdido National Park. The zipline has taken its name from this park: Tirolina Ordesa Pirineo. 

Complete experience 

You will get a complete experience including a guided 4×4 drive to the viewpoint of the Pyrenees and Ordesa. This trip ends with the unforgettable ‘flying experience’ on the fastest zip line in the world. It is also the second longest in Europe. 

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From 400 metres altitude 

Once at the top of the zipline, the cable stretches from an impressive height of 400 metres in front of you through the valley in a straight line for two kilometres. The website itself states that you should imagine its height like the Empire State Building in New York. 

As you get closer to the finish point, your speed gradually decreases until your feet almost touch the treetops at the end of the route. The average gradient is 20%. From this height you have a beautiful bird’s eye view of the surrounding landscape. That is if you feel calm enough to look around. 

The catenary and cable anchoring system design allows each person to choose how they arrive at the braking station: sitting or lying down. Taking into account all existing zip lines in Europe, this is the most complete in terms of views, height difference, speed and distance. 

The fastest zip line in the world 

In June 2021 it has even been officially recorded that the Ordesa Pirineos Zip Line is the fastest in the world. It is registered as such by the Official World Record Company in the Zipline World Records. The speed reached was 189 kilometres per hour. The tester was the professional skydiver Rafa García who had donned a suit with minimal air resistance, especially for the occasion. In this way, he managed to surpass the previous record of an Italian zip line, which stood at 172 kilometres per hour, by more than 15 kilometres. 


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