Sudden closure of Europe’s largest zip line surprises clients

by Lorraine Williamson
zip line closes

TERUEL – Dozens of customers who had booked a ticket for what would be the largest continuous double zip line in Europe are left out in the cold. The Fuentespalda attraction in Teruel has suddenly closed its doors. 

This is due to a bankruptcy filing by the Alquifuentespalda company, which had obtained the concession. Launched in 2019 by the Teruel City Council, the two-kilometre zip line has ceased operations due to financial problems of the Alquifuentespalda company. 

What makes the situation worse is that the company has not made any official announcement about the closure. As a result, the plans of at least 47 bookings, who were looking forward to experiencing the attraction’s breathtaking views at speeds of up to 120 km/h, have suddenly been shattered. 

Paqui Rodríguez, a journalist from Tenerife, expressed her frustration in an interview with Heraldo de Aragón: “I wanted to experience the longest zip line in Spain and booked four days for this. If they have to close, at least let them warn people and treat them with respect. It cannot be that everyone washes their hands of it.” Rodríguez had paid €67 for the service. 

Located in a municipality of only 300 inhabitants, the Tirolina de Fuentespalda wondered one day why they wouldn’t connect the two mountains between which the village is located. Thus began an adventure that opened its doors in July 2019 and has now ended. 

Other ziplines in Spain 

Fortunately, other zip lines in Spain promise you a unique experience. One of them is located in the Pyrenees and is almost 2 kilometres long. The Tirolina Ordesa Pirineos offers an altitude difference of 400 metres and became the fastest in the world by breaking a speed record of 189 kilometres per hour. 

Cogesa Expats

This cable car is located at the entrance of the National Park of Ordesa. The vertiginous descent (similar to descending the Empire State in New York) offers spectacular views of the surroundings. Ordesa Pirineos is known as the fastest zipline in the world and the second longest in Europe. 

The next cable car is 1,600 metres long and is located in the Valley of Liébana. It is one of the jewels of the Picos de Europa, in the heart of Cantabria in northern Spain. It is the second-longest zip line in Spain. This zip line is located between Los Llanos and Camaleño and you reach speeds of more than 100 kilometres per hour with a height difference of 180 metres. 

On the Costa del Sol, you can go for a beautiful experience in Alhaurín de la Torre. With a length of 1,350 metres, the zip line of Sunview Park in Málaga is the longest in Andalucia. During the ride, a speed of up to 100 km/h is reached, while you also bridge a height difference of almost 150 metres, making the jump a unique experience with a beautiful view of the Mediterranean Sea. 

A cross-border zip line 

Imagine a zip line that starts in Spain and ends in Portugal. LimiteZero offers just such a unique experience. With this special zip line of 720 metres, you cross the Guadiana River in the province of Huelva. It is, according to the company, the only cross-border zip line in the world. 

You start in the Spanish part, where LimiteZero will take you with a 4×4. And, within a minute you arrive in Portugal, where it is suddenly an hour earlier due to the time difference, so you technically ‘win’ 59 minutes. However, after a short walk to the nearby ferry in Alcoutim, you return to Spain, losing that gained hour again. An adventurous experience with a time twist! 

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