New zipline in Andalucia becomes the longest

by Lorraine Williamson

PROVINCIA OF GRANADA – On the list of the longest ziplines in Andalucia, the municipality of Montejicar in Granada has displaced Alhaurin de la Torre from first place. The new zipline is 2 km long and is installed in a multi-adventure complex. 

The president of the Provincial Council of Granada, José Entrena, inaugurated the park with the attraction. He was accompanied by the mayor of the municipality in the Los Montes region, Javier Jiménez, the deputy for sports, Manuel Guirado, and part of the local government team. 

The construction of the new zipline was financed with the city council’s own resources, is 2 km long, exceeding by 700 metres the one in Alhaurín de la Torre (1.3 km), writes the Diputación de Granada in a press release cited by Granada Digital. In addition, there are other leisure activities in the park aimed at all ages. 

The president of the Diputación has personally experienced what it is like to use the zipline. After receiving appropriate safety equipment and instructions from the monitors, he was able to enjoy the tour and spectacular views. 

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The zipline in Alhaurín de la Torre 

‘Sunview Park Adventure’ recreational area was where people previously enjoyed the longest zipline in Andalucia. Moreover, it is still also one of the longest in Spain. The recreational area dedicated to adventure sports opened in May two years ago. With this zipline, maximum speeds of 100 km per hour are reached with a height difference of 100 km/h. The starting point is 200 metres above sea level. 

The whole family can enjoy this zipline as it can be launched in different modalities. In individual Superman/Superwoman position (lying down face down), in tandem (great for father/mother with child or couples standing in front of the other for the same rope), and sitting individually. 

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