FIFA Disciplinary Committee provisionally suspends Luis Rubiales

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LUis Rubiales

The Disciplinary Committee of FIFA, chaired by Colombian Jorge Iván Palacio, has provisionally suspended the president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), Luis Rubiales, from all football-related activities at both national and international levels.

This suspension, effective immediately, will last for an initial period of 90 days as disciplinary proceedings continue against Rubiales, initiated by the Committee on August 24th.

This decision comes a day after Rubiales announced during the RFEF’s General Assembly in Las Rozas that he would not resign. His announcement followed controversial events at the women’s World Cup final. There Rubiales made inappropriate gestures. Moreover, he allegedly kissed player Jenni Hermoso without her consent during the medal ceremony. Rubiales later justified his actions, claiming it was a “spontaneous, mutual, euphoric, and consensual kiss”. However, Hermoso contradicted his claims.

“Very serious” breaches

Rubiales’ actions faced widespread condemnation. Consequently, leading to a collective decision by the World Cup champions and other players to decline any further national team call-ups under his leadership. Additionally, there was international support for Hermoso. Like a formal request by the Superior Council of Sports (CSD) to the Administrative Court of Sport (TAD) due to potential breaches of the Sports Law and the Royal Decree on Sports Discipline by Rubiales. These breaches are seen as “very serious” and make a provisional suspension of the leader possible.

Additional directives

Furthermore, the president of the FIFA Disciplinary Committee issued two additional directives. He did this in an effort to safeguard Jennifer Hermoso’s fundamental rights. Moreover he did this to maintain the order of the ongoing disciplinary proceedings, issued two additional directives. These directives mandate Rubiales, either directly or through intermediaries, to refrain from contacting or attempting to contact Hermoso or her close associates. The same directive applies to the RFEF and its officials or employees.

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This decision has been communicated to Rubiales and UEFA for strict compliance. The Disciplinary Committee has stated it won’t provide further details on this disciplinary procedure until a final decision is made. In the meantime, FIFA reiterated its absolute commitment to the integrity of all individuals, condemning any contrary behaviour.


There have been protests outside the Headquarters of the Spanish Football Federation, and support continues from all around. Team Germany expressed their support for Jenni and the Spanish players. And today, ahead of their match against Almeria, the Cadiz Men´s football team also showed their support. 


Rubiales suspended


The Cadiz side then took the banner “Todos somos Jenni” and laid it on the pitch during their pre-match line-up. This was a massive gesture.

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