Extreme heat in Spain locally gives way to hail and storms

by Lorraine Williamson
hail and storms

This summer’s third heat wave, which has locally set records above 45 degrees and sweltering nights with minimum temperatures above 25 degrees, is coming to an end. Starting Thursday, a drop in temperatures will set in Spain. 

The month of July has been marked by “short but very intense heat spells,” with temperatures that topped 40 degrees Celsius, according to Rubén Del Campo, spokesman for the State Bureau of Meteorology (AEMET). Del Campo predicted that these heat periods will be followed by periods of “more normal summer heat.  

For example, temperatures will drop across almost the entire country starting Thursday. That drop will then continue on Friday. ‘Over the next few days, we will remain under the influence of high pressure, the warm air will move away and temperatures will drop more sharply,’ the AEMET added.  

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Most chance of storm in east and southeast 

On Thursday, a current from the Atlantic Ocean increases the chance of showers, with “possibly quite severe local impacts,” according to weather service Meteored’s website. There will be some precipitation, which could also be intense locally. Furthermore, to the east, especially in the southeast, storms are most likely, with possible hail and thunderstorms.  

Wind spouts and fire 

Meterored also warns of wind spouts. These would be more likely in the interior, south and eastern half of the country. These thermal eruptions are very localised phenomena, but they could cause significant damage from wind gusts, some exceeding 100-120 mph. Moreover, the combination of temperature, wind, humidity and lightning increases the risk of fires. 

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