Eight arrested in a multi-location operation

by Lorraine Williamson
eight arrests

The Guardia Civil, under the operation “Peak Rural,” has successfully dismantled two criminal organisations engaged in home robberies and small-scale drug distribution in the province of Málaga.

The joint efforts of the authorities led to the arrest of eight individuals of Moroccan and Spanish nationality. They were apprehended for crimes against public health, armed robberies, membership in a criminal organisation, and illegal possession of weapons.

Arrests and seizures: unravelling over 50 robberies and two drug points

In seven strategic raids conducted across the towns of Benalmádena, Nerja, and Torrox, the authorities seized large machetes, a simulated firearm, a taser device, defense sprays, as well as a plethora of stolen goods including high-end jewellery, watches, cash, electronic devices, precision scales, cutting materials, and various narcotics.

Criminal organisation engaged in home robberies

The investigation commenced after multiple reports of home burglaries in different localities within Málaga province. Through meticulous inquiries, the authorities unearthed a well-structured criminal network whose members maintained a facade of legitimate life by managing various commercial establishments while actively participating in the robberies.

The modus operandi involved conducting surveillance on upscale residences and isolated homes, carefully observing the routines of affluent residents. Armed with information obtained from their victims, the criminals carried out violent and intimidating assaults when the homeowners were present, aiming to seize money and jewellery from their safes. However, they also struck at times when the victims were away from their properties.

Gaining entry by forcefully breaking windows, glass doors, or regular entry points, they pilfered all valuable items, cash, jewellery, high-end watches, and electronic devices such as cameras, tablets, and mobile phones.

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The investigation then led to the resolution of over 50 robberies in different locations throughout Málaga province, with a multitude of stolen items, including precious jewellery, high-end watches, and cash, now being returned to their rightful owners.

Disbanding drug points of sale

Parallel to the police probe into the this criminal organisation, the authorities stumbled upon another drug distribution network in the town of Nerja, also masterminded by the same individual.

Following thorough investigations, two drug points of sale were dismantled in the municipality, and various quantities of marijuana and hashish, along with precision scales and drug paraphernalia, were confiscated.

The investigation was under the supervision of the Court of First Instance and Instruction No. 1 of Torrox (Málaga) and conducted by the Judicial Police Team of the main Guardia Civil Stations in Nerja and Torrox, along with other units from the Málaga Guardia Civil Command.

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