Do you deserve Spain for your holidays?

by Deborah Cater
You deserve Spain campaign presentation. Copyright La Moncloa

‘You deserve Spain’ is the slogan of the international campaign to attract tourists this summer. The Spanish government has invested €8million in what is hopefully the summer of the first recovery.

The campaign of Turespaña, the Spanish tourist board, promotes Spain as a safe summer destination on social media. The advertising campaign is also evident in places like Piccadilly Circus, London or on buses in Cologne, Düsseldorf and Frankfurt. Minister Reyes Maroto of Industry, Trade and Tourism presented the campaign ‘You deserve Spain’ (Te mereces España) last week.

Targetting main markets

The campaign starts on Monday May 17th and will run for 10 weeks. Consumers will see the campaign in magazines inserts, banners online and on social media in eight European countries. These are the four main source markets the United Kingdom, France, Germany and Italy, plus another four countries where a growing number of tourists come from such as Belgium, the Netherlands, Poland and Sweden.

Turespaña director Miguel Sanz explained they designed specific ads for each of the four main visitor niches targeted by the campaign: young people, families, adults without children and the elderly.

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Tourists deserve to visit Spain

After a year of mobility restrictions due to the pandemic, the Spanish authorities’ idea is that the tourist ‘deserves Spain’.

The campaign tries to go further than the classic image that many people still have of Spain as a holiday destination; primarily as a sun and beach destination. It shows the varied cultural sites, cities with attractive historical centres or the diverse natural landscapes of the interior.

According to Minister Reyes Maroto, the slogan ‘You deserve Spain’ is “synonymous with trust, quality and safety” in the country. A message the government wants to convey to help tourists overcome their last bit of resistance to travelling or leaving their country. “Spain is already ready to open up to the world,” said the minister.

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