How was the first weekend in Spain without a state of alarm?

by Lorraine Williamson
First full weekend without a state of alarm in Spain

MADRID – The first weekend in Spain without a state of alarm went reasonably well. Spaniards flocked to the coast or to relatives outside the city. Although police deployed extra officers to disperse crowds, this was only in larger Spanish cities.

The Spanish police expected lots of buzz and “botellones” (drinking parties) after the lifting of the state of alarm. As a result, prior to the weekend it was announced, more police would be patrolling to enforce the still-valid measures of the autonomous regions. Although police expected many botellones expected, there were no major excesses. 

Police had to intervene in major Spanish cities 

However, in Barcelona, ​​police had to act due to various demonstrations and parties. Particularly on the beach of Sant Miquel things got out of hand at a party. According to the municipality, about 2,000 people were present. There were also some incidents in Salamanca, Pamplona and Murcia. 

Cogesa Expats

Although authorities expected crowds in Madrid for the celebrations of the patron saint San Isidro, there were no disturbances. The municipality of Madrid praised the exemplary behaviour the citizens showed last weekend. 

Spaniards enjoy weekend trips to the coast and family 

Despite these excesses in the larger cities of Spain, Spaniards seized this weekend to travel outside their own region again. Many people booked trips to the coast, but also to villages outside the city to reunite with family and friends after months of imprisonment. 

The fact Spaniards travelled again was apparent in the hustle and bustle on the road. After months of rest, the DGT reported delays and even traffic jams on various major roads in Spain. 

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