Creative mayor village in Zaragoza offers job, free housing and all expenses are paid

by Lorraine Williamson

More and more municipalities in Spain are coming up with innovative proposals to stop the exodus. And to attract new residents. One of the best tactics is to offer interesting proposals, with both a job and a place to live.

The municipality of El Buste, a village in the province of Zaragoza, is now also participating in this trend. The village is suffering from a real demographic decline. According to data from the Diputación de Zaragoza, in 2022 it had only 72 inhabitants, a number that since even seems to have decreased.

That is why the mayor, José Ángel Villalba, is now trying to join the drive to revive his village. He is looking for families from outside to stop the depopulation. He offers them work and housing to settle in El Buste so that this almost forgotten municipality in the province of Zaragoza can revive little by little and wake up from its lethargy.

Job and house in El Buste

As the portal Noticias Trabajo reports, the municipality of El Buste offers all kinds of facilities to a family who wants to live there. First of all, a job with fantastic working conditions. In addition, a perfectly equipped house to live in.

The job consists of taking over the TeleClub, the village bar, which is currently running at full speed. Everything that the business yields, without deduction, becomes the salary of the new residents.

Cogesa Expats

Secondly, this offer also includes a fully furnished house at no cost, with up to four bedrooms. In addition, in El Buste they are so welcoming to families who want to come and live here that the municipality also offers to pay the costs for electricity, heating and water.

The mayor has his reasons

The reason for launching this offer is that the TeleClub is currently run by a couple who are going to leave the village. A new couple can get on board in no time. The bar is equipped with every comfort, modern facilities and even solar panels to provide energy.

In addition, there is a very important other motive of the mayor behind this initiative. This is to attract new people to the church, who have children. These are necessary for the maintenance of school transport.

Who is eligible?

From this municipality in Zaragoza, located 77 kilometres from the capital, they are looking for a completely serious family that wants to settle in their municipality. Therefore, the only condition to be eligible for this offer is a family with two children between 2 and 13 years old. The selection process has already begun, and the new couple will begin their new life in El Buste in August.

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