British tourist wanted after seriously injuring Ibiza hotel manager with glass

by Lorraine Williamson
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IBIZA – The authorities in Ibiza are looking for a tourist who cut the throat of the director of a hotel in Ibiza with a glass last Sunday. The woman belonged to a group that refused to pay the bill at the establishment. 

It concerns a British woman who threw a glass at the manager in such a way that it resulted in a deep cut on her neck. As reported by police on the island, the attack came after a heated argument over the bill. 

The 30-year-old hotel director of Spanish nationality was transferred to the outpatient clinic Nuestra Señora del Rosario. There she had to undergo surgery twice because of the deep cuts on her neck caused by the glass thrown by the tourist. 

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The Guardia Civil is keeping the investigation of the case open to locate the British perpetrator of the events and has deployed a lot of manpower on the island for this purpose. Agents have made a ‘lock’ at the airport and are trying to identify the tourist through the images from the security cameras of the hotel and the street. 

Other similar cases 

This is not the only incident of customers trying to attack hotel managers. Antena3 writes about the case of a man who beat the manager of a hotel in Menorca. The hotel employee had first beaten him to prevent the fight that the assailant had provoked from getting out of hand. The attacker had a restraining order in the UK for assaulting his wife. However, he ignored that by booking the same hotel where she stayed with their daughters. 

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