At least one suspected dead and seven injured in Marbella Beach Club shooting

by Lorraine Williamson
Marbella shooting
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MALAGA – What should have been a memorable night in Marbella, ended up in terror with knife attacks and a gunman opening fire and randomly shooting.

According to reports on social media, a fight broke out at Opium Beach Club between a group of men. Knives were used, and people were being stabbed. A gun was drawn, and random shots were fired. It is understood the gunman is suffering from stab wounds to the head and the body. He was taken to the Costa del Sol hospital under police guard.

Crowded venue

South African DJ Black Coffee was performing at Opium in the early hours of this morning (Monday). The popularity of the DJ meant the venue was very crowded. Consequently, various comments on social media referred to inadequate security.

One person who was there commented, “the security of the premises did not have the means and measures to search everyone. We had a stampede for the beach, chaos….”

Scenes of panic

The shots provoked scenes of panic among the revellers, who frantically tried to find a way out. There are unconfirmed reports of two deaths and several more injured because of the shooting and knife injuries in the Marbella Club.

According to newspaper, a video they had access to, shows two groups of youths facing off against each other in what appears to be a private room.


The images show one taking a large bottle while others take off their shirts to start the fight. Meanwhile other guests can only look on.

Shooting begins

However, seconds later, the first shot is heard. Apparently, everyone was shocked as no-one expected this. At least 4 shots were fired. The crowd started to scream, and panic set in as people tried to escape. People who fell were trampled on or jumped over by others trying to reach an exit.

WARNING: The video contains scenes of violence and strong language

According to the newspaper, a resident of the area who wishes to remain nameless, witnessed the scene from his home. He said, “I couldn’t sleep because of the noise from the disco and suddenly I heard the four shots. I looked out because from the beginning I knew that these were not fireworks like the ones that had been launched on other nights. I saw many people running and leaving the premises, so I called 091.”

He continued, “police patrols and ambulances quickly began to arrive. I counted 18 police vehicles and at least three ambulances, but I think one had already left the scene with a seriously injured person”.

Marbella shooting investigation

The Malaga Provincial Police Station has not posted any official reports as yet but has specified that the case is open pending further investigation.

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