Another gang assault in Spain

by Lorraine Williamson
gang assault

TUDELA – Police in Tudela, Navarra, have arrested five suspects, aged 19 to 33, in connection with an alleged gang assault on a woman in Tudela on Saturday night. Four of the men are residents of the city itself. 

According to the victim’s statements, one of the arrested men sexually assaulted her in a home. The young victim does not live in Tudela. However, she indicated that she already knew the young man and had a friendly relationship with him. In addition, she stated that the other four suspects touched her inappropriately several times. This happened, both in a nightclub and in a vehicle. Furthermore, these incidents allegedly took place the night before the alleged rape. 

The detainees are currently in the offices of the Provincial Police. They are expected to go to court on Monday along with the official report. 

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Previous gang assaults

This news comes a week after an alleged gang rape in Mallorca. Last week, six men, five French and one Swiss, were arrested on suspicion of sexual assault in a hotel room towards an 18-year-old British woman in Magaluf. The men allegedly took videos and photos of the rape. 

That was the second gang rape on the island this summer after a group of six German tourists were arrested in Platja de Palma in July after attacking an 18-year-old compatriot. Here too, the rape would have been partly filmed with a mobile phone. 

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