Record number of heat related deaths recorded on the Costa del Sol in July

by Lorraine Williamson
heat related deaths

MALAGA – The extremely high temperatures in southern Spain this summer have resulted in the highest number of heat related deaths since records were kept. 

Since 2015, heat deaths have been registered by the Carlos III health institute in Madrid. In July, health authorities attributed the deaths of 62 people in the province of Malaga to high temperatures. 

According to Diario Sur the first figures already indicate that August will not be a better month in this respect. In the first half of August, 37 people died related to the heat. So far this year, 99 people have died in the province of Malaga due to high temperatures. 

In the region of Andalucia, the number of heat related deaths is highest in the province of Almeria with no fewer than 420 deaths. The number is also higher in the province of Seville than on the Costa del Sol with 155 deaths so far this year that can be related to high temperatures. 

The figures also show that eight out of ten victims of high temperatures, both in the province of Malaga and in the Andalucia region, were women. 

Older people more sensitive to high temperatures 

According to health experts, it is clear that the elderly are much more sensitive to high temperatures. Yet the number of heat strokes among younger people is also increasing. They do not die from it, but remain physically active and go jogging, cycling or walking during the hottest hours of the day, with all the consequences that entails. 

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Heat during the night 

One of the additional risks of a warm summer appears to be the high night temperatures. At night people can still suffer the consequences. During the day they can still look for the cool, drink extra water or take other measures, but that is often not possible at night, while the heat is certainly a risk factor. 

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Symptoms of overheating 

Thirst is a symptom. At high temperatures, it is important to also drink water before you get thirsty. 

Dizziness or feeling shaky, especially if you also have a headache, is a symptom that you are already in worse shape. Therefore, take immediate action and get out of the heat, drink water and take steps to cool your body down. 

Strange behaviour, such as difficulty speaking or moving awkwardly, can also be a symptom that the high temperatures have become too much for you. 

Dizziness is often accompanied by blurred vision. This is also, a sign that you have to take it very seriously. 

A headache in itself can be a symptom that the heat has become too much for you. 

Finally, elevation and excessive sweating are also symptoms of overheating and that the body is struggling to lower its temperature. 

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