Heatwave in Spain to last longer

by Lorraine Williamson
heatwave in Spain

ALCALá DE HENARES – In the northwest of Spain, Thursday, August 10, relief will come with a drop in temperatures. The hot air mass moves to the southeast of Spain, where the provinces of Valencia, Alicante and Murcia are particularly affected where the heatwave in Spain continues. 

Parts of the province of Albacete will also experience local peaks of 43ºC. For the Vega del Segura in Murcia, meteorologists expect the mercury to rise to 44ºC. That is one of the highest values in this heatwave on a national level. That is why this area is also receiving the maximum weather warning for extreme heat risk. 

Also, a red alert for the Costa Blanca 

The south coast of Alicante – the Costa Blanca – will reach 42°C, with local peaks of 44°C and will be warned with code red. The southern coastal part of Valencia will also receive code red for temperatures up to 44ºC on Thursday. In addition to the heat, there is also desert dust and the risk of dry storms here. 

Friday extremely hot in the Canary Islands 

From Friday, the warm air mass from the Sahara will move to the Canary Islands, in particular to Gran Canaria. Maximums above 40°C are expected there. In some parts, the nights will remain tropically warm with temperatures not below 30ºC. Consequently, the population will be warned about this on Friday with a red weather alert due to extreme heat. 

Still hot in the rest of the country 

The maximum temperatures will also remain very high on Friday in other parts of the country. They are expected to reach or exceed 40ºC in inland Andalucia, Extremadura and on the Spanish plateau around the Tagus River, according to Aemet. 

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In other parts of the above areas and large parts of Castilla-La Mancha, Aragon and the interior of the Valencia region, the mercury will still indicate 38ºC on Friday. Howewver, in parts of the northern plateau, the temperature will be slightly lower at 35ºC. The same goes for the Madrid region and the interior of Mallorca. 

This third summer heatwave has lasted almost a week. High temperatures have plagued the peninsula since Monday, August 7, with thermometers easily exceeding 40°C and tropical nights not dropping below 24°C. But because the hot air has shifted in a southeasterly direction, a slightly cooler period will follow for the northwest of Spain on Thursday. 

The Spanish Meteorological Service (Aemet) expects this heatwave phenomenon to end on the peninsula between Friday and Saturday, although the final agreement will mainly affect the Canary Islands. There the heatwave will last until Sunday 13 August. 

End of this heatwave in Spain, but remains hot 

Although temperatures in large parts of the country continue to drop slightly on Saturday and Sunday and they no longer meet the criteria for a heatwave, temperatures remain high. Furthermore, at the beginning of next week, they are still above normal values for this time of year. 

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