Ex-Barcelona football player jailed pending rape allegation

by Lorraine Williamson
rape allegation against Dani Alves now sentenced

BARCELONA – Ex-Barcelona player, Dani Alves was jailed on Friday afternoon following an allegation of rape by a 23-year-old woman in Barcelona. Alves denies the charges.

The 23-year-old accused Alves of sexual assault in a night club toilet in the early hours of December 30.

Bail refused

According to El Pais, the judge refused to grant bail to Alves as he was seen as a flight risk due to his massive income, and the fact he no longer has roots in Spain. The Brazilian left FC Barcelona in the summer of 2021 to play for Pumas UNAM in the Mexican league (Liga MX) . However, since the allegations, his contract there has been terminated.

Rape allegation

The young lady denounced Alves for assaulting and raping her in a bathroom of the VIP area at the Sutton nightclub in Barcelona. 

According to reports from El Mundo and El Pais, the woman entered the night club with 2 other females. They met some Mexican guys who invited them to go up to the VIP area. Then, a waiter asked them to join another table saying someone there wanted to meet them.

Seemingly the woman did not know who Alves was until the Mexican guys told her. The girls joined the other table and were offered drinks. However, as reported in El Pais, the victim stated that Alves stood closely behind her, and took her hand, putting it on his penis. She said she removed it as it was “grossing” her out.

VIP bathroom

Then Alves allegedly told her to go through a door which led to the VIP area bathroom (although she did not know that at the time).

The victim alleges that Alves closed the door and told her not to leave, and that he sat on the toilet, grabbed her  head, and directed it at his penis. In the victim´s version of events, because she would not perform the act of fellatio, Alves slapped her, and turned her onto him, and penetrated her violently before ejaculating.

Cogesa Expats

When he finished, seemingly, he got up and left the room first, and then left the night club with a friend. When the girl came out of the bathroom, she wanted to leave, but spoke to the doorman and explained what happened.

Police notified

On hearing these allegations, the doorman led her back into the club to speak with someone in the office. As per protocol in such situations, the nightclub notified the police and the victim was then sent to the hospital and treated for rape.

According to reports, the victim showed signs of injuries, and had traces of DNA. However, the owner of the DNA must be verified. The victim then filed an initial complaint to the Mossos police, which she followed up 2 days later when providing the dress she wore on the evening in question.

Alves returned to Barcelona

Following the alleged incident, Alves returned to Mexico to continue playing for Puma. He returned to Spain last week with his wife, Joana Sanz to bury her mother.


The police are investigating the claims. Furthermore, they have taken statements from various witnesses and analysed the surveillance cameras. However, the cameras would not show the alleged rape because it occurred in the bathroom.


 The wife of Alves, Joana Sanz took to social media and asked for the press to respect her privacy. She just buried her mother, and now she is having to deal with the current situation Alves is in.  

“I please ask the media that are outside my house to respect my privacy on this moment. My mother passed away a week ago. I’ve only just begun to accept that she’s gone to be tormented with my husband’s situation. I’ve lost the only two pillars of my life. Have a little empathy instead of looking for so much news in the pain of others, thank you”.

Joana Sanz request for privacy after Dani Alves rape allegation

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