Absolute temperature records are expected in Spain from Monday

by Lorraine Williamson
second heatwave expected

MADRID – The Spanish weather institute Aemet issues an alarming message. Meteorologists expect absolute weather records to be broken during the heatwave that will hit a large part of Spain from Sunday. 

Saturday, July 8, will be the last day of thermal stability, according to experts in Spain. A few weeks after the first heatwave of the summer, the second is just around the corner. Although we have experienced a ‘thermal roller coaster’ on the peninsula in recent days with severe weather in the northeast keeping the thermometers below average. That will change from Sunday. 

Those familiar with the forecasts Aemet (Spain’s KNMI) know that it only issues special notices when an extraordinary or damaging weather event is imminent. On Twitter, the weather agency experts warn of the extreme temperatures we will experience in Spain from this Sunday, July 9. A large, “very warm and dry” air mass is moving over Spain from Africa and that will be the main cause of this episode of extreme heat. 

While it is true that temperatures will rise significantly on Sunday, the worst of this second heatwave will only peak between Monday 10 and Tuesday 11 July. During these days, the thermometers will easily exceed 40 degrees in the south, up to 38 degrees in the peninsula and also in Mallorca. 

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Possible new heat record 

In addition, the meteorological experts of ‘eltiempo.es’ point out that during this episode the historical heat record of our country could be broken. This record is currently held by Aguilar de la Frontera (Córdoba), where a temperature of 47.6 degrees was measured in 2021. Right now, Córdoba and Jaén are the two provinces that can break the historic record next week. And, furthermore, this area will be most affected by the heatwave. 

Tropical nights 

In addition, we must take into account that, in addition to the extreme temperatures that we will have during the day, night-time temperatures are also worrying. We will have tropical nights that will even exceed 25 degrees in the south of the peninsula and in the Balearic Islands, Aemet said. 

When will the heatwave end? Until now, Aemet thought it was too early to talk about the end of the heat wave as something imminent. However, the experts now indicate that the heat will gradually weaken, and north winds will therefore cool the area. However, thermometers in many parts of the country will still be above 40 degrees. 

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