A new era of equality in Spanish football: RFEF announces unified brand for men’s and women’s national teams

by Lorraine Williamson
RFEF begin equality in football

MADRID – In a historic move aimed at promoting gender equality and eliminating distinctions in football, the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) has officially unveiled a groundbreaking change in the nomenclature of the national teams. As of Wednesday, both the men’s and women’s national teams will proudly bear the singular brand of ‘Spanish National Football Team,’ marking a significant shift in the world of Spanish football.

The announcement comes on the eve of the UEFA Women’s Nations League, with Spain set to face off against Sweden in a highly anticipated match. This development came as a result of the Spanish women’s national team´s intentions not to compete unless certain changes were made to the way they were represented.


The issues had been building up since the year bofore the World Cup, and intensified immediately after Spain’s historic victory in Sydney. Despite their remarkable achievement, and the subesquent resignation of Luis Rubiales, and the sacking of Jorge Vilda, the players still found themselves embroiled in a dispute regarding the nomenclature used to distinguish the men’s and women’s teams. The women’s team had long borne the designation ‘femenino’ (female), a distinction they felt was unnecessary and, in some ways, discriminatory.

In response to the players’ concerns, an open letter was sent to the RFEF on Friday, warning that they would not participate in future competitions unless the culture changed and the branding was unified. It was a bold stance that came with the looming threat of fines and potential loss of playing licenses if the team refused to compete. In a show of solidarity, the Swedish women’s national team pledged their support to the Spanish players, declaring that they would stand by their side if they chose not to compete.

Significant step forward

However, after a lengthy meeting and deliberation, the Spanish women’s national team has decided to participate in the upcoming UEFA Women’s Nations League, effectively putting an end to the standoff. At least for now! This decision signifies a significant step forward in resolving the controversy that had been brewing since before their World Cup victory.

The unveiling of the unified brand, ‘Spanish National Football Team,’ is a testament to the RFEF’s commitment to gender equality in the world of football. According to Pedro Rocha, President of the Interim Committee of the RFEF, this change represents more than just a symbolic gesture: “Beyond a symbolic step, we want it to signify a change in concept, and the recognition that football is football, no matter who plays it.”

Cogesa Expats

The Spanish National Football Team Brand

The new brand and logo for the Spanish National Football Team will serve as a common identifier for both the men’s and women’s national teams, emphasising the unity and equality of both sides. This includes officially incorporating the star earned by the recent world champions into the logo.

In the realm of futsal and beach football, similar changes will be implemented. The text denomination for both national teams will be uniform, and the logos will distinguish the achievements of each side.

President Pedro Rocha further emphasised, “We don’t need to differentiate the brands of both teams on any platform; depending on the context, depending on the images accompanying the logo, it is perfectly clear whether we refer to our female or male champions.” The move reflects the RFEF’s commitment to making the distinction between men’s and women’s football unnecessary and obsolete.

Both teams are equal

Furthermore, Rocha highlighted the importance of language in shaping society and stated, “Language constructs us as a society, and we believe that making it clear that both teams are equal allows us to move towards a more egalitarian conception of football.” This commitment to equality will extend to women’s competitions organised by the RFEF, promising a more inclusive and equitable future for Spanish football.

As the UEFA Women’s Nations League prepares to kick off, Spain’s women’s national team will take to the field under a new banner that not only celebrates their achievements but also signifies a momentous step forward for gender equality in football. The unified brand ‘Spanish National Football Team’ will serve as a powerful symbol of unity and inclusivity, leaving no room for differentiation between the men’s and women’s national teams. This historic change in concept sets a precedent for a more equal future in Spanish football, where talent and skill are celebrated above all else.


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