7-year-old boy stabbed when leaving gymnastics

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Boy stabbed in neck was a pupil at Hastings School

MADRID – The National Police are looking for a middle-aged man who stabbed a 7-year-old boy in the neck. The attack happened yesterday when the boy had just finished gym class at Hasting School, Chamartín.

Children had just finished their Physical Education class and were moving back to the centre when the attack took place at 1.10pm, according to El Mundo.

Boy stabbed – reason unknown

For unknown reasons, a man between 30 and 40 years old, well dressed, according to witnesses, pounced on the student, who was the last in line. He threw the child to the ground, stabbing him and fled the scene.

When he got up, the minor realised he had a cut on his neck. The health workers of Samur-Civil Protection who treated the minor were not told the victim had suffered an assault. He was transferred to the hospital in La Paz, and has already undergone surgery.

Action protocol put in place

The Chamartín district councilor, Sonia Cea, was the first to learn of the attack, from a witness.

She then put in place the action protocol for such cases.  Subsequently, the National took over the investigations and is trying to identify and arrest the aggressor.

The school issued a message to the families in which they report that a “serious incident” has occurred due to the attack on a child in the 3rd B class. However, they assure that the boy stabbed in the neck is “stable” and the rest of his classmates are at school “safe”.

The school has asked the families not to speculate about events and to remain calm. The school assures them they will be informed as much as possible.

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