Zen and sensational music in Estepona and Mijas

ZENsacional journey through unusual corners of the musical universe!

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COSTA DEL SOL – A magnificent grand piano starts with mystical harmonies and “ZEN” cadences. After a while, these sounds culminate in a “sensational” show adding saxophone, cello, congas, and a whole choir playing songs from Soul, Gospel, Tango, Cuban and more! This is really ZENsacional!

Moreover, if you live in the Costa del Sol you can attend one of these concerts for just €10. The “ZENsational” concert is the brainchild of composer and musician Hermane. Aboard his acoustic grand piano, he will take you on a spectacular journey through colourful musical landscapes, starting with several mesmerizing cadences and then continuing with themes in different styles: Caribbean, tango, flamenco…

Furthermore, all the songs are own compositions, except for the famous “Bohemian Rhapsody”, where he will invite the public to join along. Later, with each theme, a new instrument is introduced: a violoncello, a hand-pan, some congas, a saxophone, and some spine-chilling singers, to culminate in a spectacular show with Cuban and African rhythms, soul, flamenco, gospel, and a great bombastic finale! Don’t miss this sensational journey through unusual corners of the musical universe!

The brain behind ZENsacional

Hermane, a Dutch national, grew up in various African countries where he was immersed in the African musical world, playing keyboards and guitar in various groups. After his university studies in the Netherlands, he went to live in the Caribbean, playing piano in high-end hotels and with Caribbean groups. He then lived for a year in Tulsa, Oklahoma. This is one of the most important centres of gospel music. Thereafter, he moved to South America for six years, living in Chile, Bolivia, and Honduras. In these countries, he learned to play different Latin styles such as tango and bossa nova. A radical change led him to Budapest for three years, where he organised an annual festival with international singers. Then, in 2003 he decided to settle in Spain with his family and hopes to stay forever!

Some reactions from the audience

“The piano linked all the songs together without stopping … that created an incredible flow!”

“It was amazing, I lay down and let go of my thoughts … !”

“I got quite emotional … I have never had such an experience before!”


Violoncello: Andrea Garrido

Percussion: Miguel Rojas

Saxophone: Antonio Sanchez

Lead Vocal: Sonia Rodes

Choir: Frederique Hornborstel & Beatriz Ontañon & Fabrizio Benenati

Where and when enjoy the ZENsacional concerts?

You can join two ZENsacional concerts in February in the Costa del Sol. One is held in Estepona on February 11, 8.00 pm in Centro Cultural Padre Manuel. And, the second is on February 12, 8:00 p.m. in Las Lagunas Theatre in Mijas. For more information take a look at the website of contact Hermane on his mobile: 657 979 799. Or write him an e-mail: hermanrijks@gmail.com

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