Guardia Civil investigates needle spiking incidents during a concert in Almería

by Lorraine Williamson
possible spiking incidents at Juan Magán concert

ALMERÍA – On Saturday evening, during a concert in Huercal de Almeria, six women of different ages, five of them minors, were stung. The Guardia Civil is investigating the needle spiking incidents. 

The investigation was launched following reports the six women made to the agents stating that they had been stabbed during Juan Magán’s concert. The concert took place at the Teatro Multiusos in Huércal de Almería and was attended by more than 20,000 people. 

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Police sources have confirmed to Las Provincias that the incidents, reported to the Guardia Civil in Huércal de Almería, are being investigated “pending medical diagnoses”, as no arrests have been made. 

Response from Juan Magán 

Numerous videos of the concert can be seen on social media where the artist himself decided to stop performing after being informed of the incidents. “I want to get to know the savages who poke girls at events to communicate with them in their language of violence. In this case, the expression ‘violence solves nothing’ does not apply,” the well-known DJ wrote in a post on his Instagram account. 


A participant in the event tells IDEAL that it was chaotic and that there was a lot of nervousness once the news spread. “Several girls were crying, I don’t know if they were scared or if something had happened to them,” she added. 

Response from the municipality of Huércal de Almería 

The municipality of Huércal de Almería has done its best to convey “tranquillity” by issuing an “enlightening” statement. In this, the municipality assures that “medical services had to treat several people because of dizziness, excluding any needlestick incident and associated symptoms. Also, two people were transferred to the University Hospital Torrecárdenas because of drunkenness. In addition, they point out that there have been “no complaints from the local police received”. 

The concert met all safety requirements 

According to the municipality, the concert met all safety requirements and there was an extensive security apparatus consisting of the Guardia Civil, police officers, civil protection, as well as a private security company. In addition, a medical service was present, and a government team with people from the municipality, “who ensured the safety of those present at all times and who responded quickly and efficiently to all incoming messages.” 

About Juan Magan 

Juan Magán is a Spanish singer, songwriter, DJ and music producer born on September 30, 1978, in Badalona, Catalonia, Spain. He started his music career as a DJ and made his international breakthrough with his hit “Bailando por el Mundo” in 2012. He is known for his signature style of music that combines elements of reggaeton, electro-Latino, dance and pop and has collaborated with several well-known artists. 

In addition to his music career, he has also worked as a television personality and participated in several reality shows. He has won multiple awards, including a Latin Grammy Award for Best Urban Fusion/Performance in 2014 for his collaboration with Enrique Iglesias on “Bailando”. 

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