Undercover agents at a major festival in Valencia against needle spiking incidents

by Lorraine Williamson
Medusa Sunbeach Festival

CULLERA – At the Medusa Sun Beach Festival that takes place from 10 to 15 August on the beach of Cullera (Valencia), agents walk around undercover. In this way, the police want to prevent needle spiking incidents. 

More than 320,000 visitors are expected at the festival. Therefore, the municipality wants to guarantee the safety of these visitors with the undercover agents. The head of the Guardia Civil of Valencia, José Antonio Fernández de Luz, appreciates the festival’s commitment to protecting visitors. 

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“There will be 24-hour security. 800 agents from all Civil Protection units, a helicopter, a dog unit, GEAS, drones are deployed…”. The increase in the number of cases of women being injected with chemicals to sexually assault or rob them afterwards has put both festival organizers and police forces on edge. 

Cogesa Expats

Prevent any attempt to inject chemicals 

They will try to “catch and thus prevent any attempt at possible injections in the act”. In addition, a total of more than 2,000 officers from the National Police, the Local Police and the Guardia Civil of Cullera will join a campaign that aims to avoid crowds at the entrance and exit of the site. 

The Medusa Sunbeach Festival will have a ‘Punto Violeta’ (Purple Information Point) where information will be provided on the prevention and action of crimes of a sexual nature, including the pricing mentioned above. 

Women can rest easy 

“Women can rest assured, Medusa and Cullera are safe places. Cullera is a place without violence against women,” Fernández de Luz added. 

The number of complaints about needle stick incidents is increasing 

Complaints about needlestick incidents to the Guardia Civil have increased. It is said that 14 incidents of jabs for sexual use or theft have been reported after festivals such as Arenal Sound in Burriana have ended. Until Tuesday, there are 38 reports of possible needle stick incidents. Of these, 14 people have filed an official complaint. 


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