Dangerous trend emerges in nightlife and festivals in Spain

by Lorraine Williamson
dangerous trend

After reports in various countries such as France, the UK, and the Netherlands, the phenomenon of ‘needle spiking‘ has also surfaced in Spain. Dozens of reports of sexual assault in Spain have often been accompanied by this dangerous trend. 

In the case of needle spiking, victims are punctured with a needle in their arm or leg. In many cases, a certain drug is then injected. This often happens in the nightlife and in almost all cases women are the victims. 

Catalonia and the Basque Country investigate dozens of needle spiking reports 

Needle spiking has already been reported in several places in Spain. The number of women getting stabbed in the arms and legs during events has increased dramatically. This is the case for Catalonia and the Basque Country in recent weeks. For example, the Basque and Catalan police are investigating 12 and 18 reports of sexual assault, respectively. Here, women were pricked with a needle and, subsequently, a chemical substance was found in the body. 

Sexual violence applied after needle spiking 

The testimonies of the victims are much the same. Women are poked with a needle while going out and shortly afterwards they feel dizzy and lose control of themselves. This was especially common during regional celebrations in the Spanish regions. Not all, but many of the victims report that sexual violence was used after the injection. 

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Spanish police: ‘Go to a doctor as soon as possible’ 

Both the Catalan and Basque police federations, with the support of the regional authorities, have announced that they will take strong action against this dangerous trend. People who suspect they were a victim of needle spiking are therefore requested to report to a doctor. This must be done as soon as possible after the incident so they can obtain a means to combat a possible infection with HIV. Furthermore, tests are also carried out to see which substance they have been injected. 

Needle spiking also at festivals in Spain 

Needle spiking is not only limited to Catalonia and the Basque Country. Reports have also been made in Andalucia, Cantabria and Aragon. Police are currently investigating reports of a woman in Málaga and two women in Cádiz. Also during the Reggaeton Beach Festival in Santander and the Monegros Desert Festival between Zaragoza and Huesca, several women have been victims of needle spiking. Although no foreign substances were found in the blood of all these women, the National Police takes the statements very seriously. 

It is, however, difficult. Research into various reports in the Uk and Netherlands also proved complicated because ‘needle spiking’ often uses drugs that are quickly broken down by the body. Other evidence, such as a syringe, is often missing because in many cases an offender keeps it with him to reuse on other victims. 

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