Three arrests before demolition of Ibiza tourist complex

by Lorraine Williamson
Ibiza demolition

IBIZA – Three people have been arrested for resisting authorities during the eviction of the Casa Lola tourist complex in Ibiza. The complex was evacuated because it was up for demolition by order of the municipality. 

It concerns two employees of the complex in the tourist town of Sant Josep and a tourist who stayed there. Because the municipality established that various works in the complex were carried out without a permit. Therefore, the demolition order was given. It concerned three swimming pools, several terraces, an extension of 50m2 and a veranda. The owner was also fined €1.4 million. 

On Tuesday morning, teams were ordered by the municipality to start the previously announced demolition. However, they found that staff and guests were still present in the complex. 

According to the Ibiza regional newspaper, members of the local police and the Guardia Civil tried to persuade staff to help them with the eviction. But when both cooperation and access to the complex were refused, a locksmith had to be called in to give the demolition teams access to the complex. 

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Chaos among the customers 

Once inside, the officers began to evacuate all the people who were in the complex. They went so far as to force the locks on the rooms. There was great confusion among the guests because they had not been informed that the complex where they stayed had a demolition order for that same day. 

Given this situation, the municipality encouraged the tourists who lost their reservation, as a result, to report fraud against the owner of Casa Lola. 

Demolition work began after the eviction. The building is now flat. 

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