What are the next steps to expect for the UK driving license exchange?

by Lorraine Williamson
Driving license next steps

Two weeks ago, we brought you the latest update from Hugh Elliott, the UK Ambassador to Spain and Andorra about the driving license exchange. Today, we bring you an update so far for December which should answer some outstanding questions as to what the next steps to exchange your UK driving license will be.

As detailed in our previous article, the legal and political approvals are now underway. However, as stated by the Ambassador, we are unable to be given and exact date as to when this process will be finalised.

In the meantime, the official Facebook page for Brits in Spain, have put together a question and answers information list. This is based on the most common questions that those affected by not being able to drive have been asking about what to expect as the next steps.

What are the next steps to expect in the driving license negotions?

What happens after the agreement is published in the BOE (Spanish State Bulletin)?

Once the Agreement is finalised and published in the BOE you will be able to drive for six months on your valid UK licence. However, during this time you must exchange it for a Spanish one to be able to continue driving.

If you have not exchanged your valid UK license by the end of that period, you will no longer be able to drive on your UK license. However, will still be able to continue to exchange it for a Spanish one.

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What is classed as a valid UK driving license?

The UK government confirm that a UK license is any valid licence issued by the DVLA (Great Britain licensing authority), DVA (Northern Ireland licensing authority) or Gibraltar licensing authority.

I understand I must take a psicotecnico test (psychophysical aptitude test). What does that involve?

The psicotecnico test is a short test to check your eyesight and reactions. It is also possible you may have a brief interview with a doctor. On passing this test, you will be given a certificate. You will need this to exchange your licence. Moreover, the certificate is valid for three months.

You can arrange this test to be taken in a wide range of places. Click here to see the official DGT list of providers

What types of licences can be exchanged?

You can exchange any valid UK car (category B) licence. And the Embassy expect that many other licence categories can be exchanged too. This would include mopeds and motorcycles. However, further details of all categories will be available when the agreement is published.

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