Significant step forward in the driving license negotiations

by Lorraine Williamson
significant step forward

British Ambassador for Spain and Andorra, Hugh Elliott took to Twitter via video. There, he advised there has been a significant step forward in the negotiations regarding the driving license exchange.

Elliott began his video by reminding us that the most recent delay has been due to two outstanding issues that were very complex to resolve. These issues have now been resolved, and an agreement has been reached on these two points.

Significant step forward in the negotiations

Therefore, the British government will now move forward with the remaining steps. These include the legal checks and securing ministerial approval on both sides. For Spain, this is via the Consejo de Ministros (the Spanish Cabinet). Also, the necessary treaty processes and formal exchanges must be carried out.

Although this simply seems to be a process of steps to be followed, the Ambassador was unable to advise how many weeks this process may take. However, he did confirm that the process is already underway. Furthermore, once those political and legal approvals are done, confirmation will then be published in the official state bulletin (BOE).

Cogesa Expats

Once this is published, you will have 6 months to exchange your British driving license for a Spanish one. Moreover, during that 6-month period, you will be able to drive using your current valid UK driving license.  

The end is in sight

Elliot once again acknowledged the problems this has caused as UK residents in Spain are still currently unable to drive using their UK driving license. However, this is a major step forward, and hopefully we can now see light at the end of what has been a very long tunnel!

We will keep you updated as soon as there are any further developments.

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