Watch out for a fine if you don’t open the car door using “Dutch technique”!

by Lorraine Williamson
Dutch technique

MADRID – Other countries can learn a lot from the cycling country of the Netherlands. And that certainly applies to Spain. The Guardia Civil now points to a Dutch technique of opening your car door. If you don’t open your door ‘a la holandesa‘ you can get a fine of up to €260. 

Cycling has become even more popular since the pandemic. Therefore, it is important to take into account that there are more cyclists on the road when opening your car door. Not only could you be fined, but you could also cause an accident. That is why it is wise – not mandatory – to open the car door with your right hand when you want to get out. This technique is known in Spain as ‘Dutch’ and can prevent many accidents with cyclists and moped riders. 

Dutch technique is good practice

This is not only good practice when parking, but also if you are stuck in a traffic jam and decide to open the door for some air. Don´t forget, cyclists and motorbikes, etc may be driving in between lanes.

Drivers of right-hand-drive vehicles or passengers should use the hand furthest from the door if they are opening onto a road.

Safety or fine

“It’s the safest way to get out of your car,” the Guardia Civil said on Twitter. In addition, opening your car door without looking can result in a fine of up to €260, the Spanish traffic authority DGT warns. 

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To make sure you do this correctly, it is therefore useful to open your door with your right hand. This ensures that you automatically have to turn your upper body towards the window and thus have a better view of your rear-view mirror and the street. With just a slight turn of your head, you can also see the ‘blind spot’ to make sure no one approaches. 

This trick can save lives

On Twitter, the Guardia Civil publishes a video entitled ‘this trick can save lives’. 

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