Volunteer tourism more popular among Spaniards after pandemic

by Lorraine Williamson
volunteer tourism

Volunteer tourism has become more popular among Spanish travellers after the pandemic. This is according to a survey by online travel agency eDreams, which states that more than half of Spanish travellers would consider taking a trip for charity in the near future. 

It is mostly young people aged between 25 and 34 who are willing to engage in this kind of volunteer tourism, with the main goals being to help children in vulnerable situations and protect the planet’s fauna and flora. 

Pandemic as booster 

After the past two years, which were heavily influenced by the corona crisis, the war in Ukraine and a complex macroeconomic situation, the desire of Spanish travellers to travel with the aim of helping others has increased. For instance, 35% admit to feeling more open to volunteer tourism now than before the pandemic outbreak. 

According to the online travel agency, 23% of Spaniards say they have taken one or more volunteer trips in their lifetime, and 51% say they would consider doing so in the future. 

The trend is especially popular among 25-34-year-olds, among both men and women. 28% say they have taken one or more volunteer trips and would like to repeat the experience. Moreover, 41% of young people in this age group say they feel more willing to volunteer now than before the pandemic. 

Humanitarian aid as main goal 

The main reason why Spaniards make this kind of trip is to help people in need (66%). This is followed by getting to know another culture (56%), wanting to feel good (45%) and developing new skills and gaining more professional experience (39%). 

But caring for animals, supporting children in vulnerable situations and protecting nature (44%) are also important motives for Spaniards to choose a volunteering holiday. They also say they volunteer to contribute to community education (43%), to help local people (42%) or to provide healthcare (28%). Finally, 6% say they do not care in which area they contribute, as long as they can help. 

Trend also increasing within Europe  

The trend of volunteering is also increasing among other European travellers. Their main reasons for taking such holidays are to help people in need (51%), get to know another reality and culture (49%), establish new relationships (39%), increase their professional experience and feel good about themselves (37%). 

Unlike Spaniards, international tourists prefer this type of trip to contribute to caring for nature (41%), followed by helping locals and protecting animals (38%). 

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