Aemet warns of storm Gérard in Spain and Twitter goes wild

by Lorraine Williamson
Storm Gérard

The Aemet warns this week that storm Gérard will rage over Spain. High waves, squalls, blizzards and rainfall provide all colour codes in Spain. Yet twitterers are especially outspoken about the name chosen for this storm. 

The Aemet has named the storm ‘Gérard’, which has caused quite a stir on social media. People make the link with the feud between Shakira and Gerard Piqué and the new song that the Colombian singer recently released in which she lashes out at her ex. 

Aemet Spain explains further about chosen name for storm 

However, the Spanish weather service states that the name was not chosen on purpose. And that it was certainly not the intention to refer to this quarrel, which is being fought in the media. However, Twitter users can’t keep their funny comments to themselves. For example, there is talk of ‘the perfect storm’ and the proposal to also add the name ‘Shakira’ to names that can be chosen for thunderstorms. 

Storm Gérard is already gaining national fame. Not just because of the name, but especially because of the considerable amount of weather alerts that have been issued. For example, there will be strong winds in almost the entire northern part of Spain, part of the southeast and in the Balearic Islands. Also, sea conditions will deteriorate, heavy rains will fall and snow is forecast. 

Warning with all colour codes in Spain 

For the entire north coast of Spain, the Aemet will issue code orange on Monday due to strong winds and high waves. The coast of the Basque Country has even been given a code red. Code yellow has been issued in the northwestern regions due to rainfall and wind. Code orange and yellow apply to Aragon and Catalonia due to snowfall. Many provinces in central Spain and almost all of Valencia have been given code yellow due to strong winds. Code orange applies to the southeast coast of Andalucia due to strong winds and high waves. 

On Tuesday there is little difference and the same alarms apply due to wind, snow storms, rainfall and high waves. On Wednesday, some weather alerts remain in force, but the extreme weather seems to be decreasing. Also on Wednesday, code orange still applies along the north coast of Spain. Code orange and yellow are also issued due to snow storms in the far north of the country, in the north of Castile-La Mancha and in eastern Andalucia. Code orange in the extreme south of Spain due to high waves will also remain in effect until at least Wednesday. 


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