Towers Lucas and Marcos of Sagrada Familia completed on December 16

by Lorraine Williamson
Sagrada familia

BARCELONA – Builders of the Sagrada Familia basilica in Barcelona have begun placing the pieces to complete the towers of the Evangelists Luke and Marcos. Furthermore, the towers are each 135 metres high. 

The temple’s building committee reported last week that on December 16, figures of the ox and lion will be seen crowning these two towers illuminated for the first time. Those two sculptural pieces will be placed in the coming period. 

As part of the central towers series, the four towers of the Evangelists will surround the Tower of Jesus Christ. When completed, all four will be 135 metres high. Thus making them the third tallest towers of the Temple of Gaudí. However, this is after the Tower of Jesus, which will reach 172.50 metres. 

Ox and lion 

Antoni Gaudí has planned each tower to represent an evangelist. To identify which one, they are finished with the corresponding figure of the tetramorph. A tetramorph is used in Christian art to depict the four evangelists, represented in human figures or by their symbols. Specifically, Luke’s tower ends with a sculpture of an ox and Mark’s tower with that of a lion. 

The wings of the tetramorph 

This week, the two wings of the figure of the tetramorph that will crown the tower of the Evangelist Luke will be placed. 

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This element is the same for the four towers. Moreover, they are made up of an elliptical hyperboloid, each 9 metres high, and consisting of white concrete. The steel frame has great geometric complexity and contains special qualities and resistance according to the architects responsible for the construction of the world-famous temple. 

Placement book and ox 

In the coming weeks, work will continue on the tower of Lucas with the placement of the book and finally, the sculptural figure of the ox with the wings. Next, the work focuses on Marcus’ tower, which will follow the same procedure. First the placement of the wings, then that of the figure of the lion. 

Illuminated for the first time on December 16 

Those responsible for the construction of the Sagrada Familia plan to illuminate the two towers for the first time on December 16, along with the departure of the traditional Christmas concert from the basilica of the Sagrada Familia. 

Towers of Sagrada Familia 

The Sagrada Familia represents the life of Jesus and the history of faith. When finished, the building will have eighteen towers dedicated to important biblical figures. Twelve towers represent the Apostles, four the Evangelists, one the Blessed Virgin Mary and finally the tallest tower represents Jesus. When completed, the basilica will be the tallest building in Barcelona at 172.50 metres and also the tallest cathedral in the world. However, the building is not only spectacular from the outside. Even inside the masterful design, you will never get bored. The spectacular play of colours and light is breathtaking. Depending on the position of the sun and the sun’s rays that shine through the stained glass, this changes throughout the day. 

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