Too large new trains in Spain continue to claim victims

by Lorraine Williamson
new trains

MADRID – The failure of the design of the 31 new trains intended to improve the connectivity of the northern Spanish regions of Cantabria and Asturias continues to claim victims. 

These narrow-gauge trains are designed with a height that prevents them from passing through the tunnels that connect the Cantabrian and Asturian communities. Earlier, the fiasco already cost two top managers at Adif and Renfe. Now it has led to the resignation of the Secretary of State for Transport, Isabel Pardo de Vera, and the president of the railway operator Renfe, Isaías Táboas. 

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Cogesa Expats

These resignations come after the layoffs that took place earlier this month. Shortly after the scandal broke, the manager of Renfe’s Materials Management Department was fired, as was the head of the Inspection and Track Technology Department of Adif, the owner of the infrastructures. 

According to El País, David Lucas, hitherto General Secretary for Housing of the Ministry of Transport, will lead the Ministry of Transport, while Raül Blanco, General Secretary for Industry and SMEs of the Ministry of Industry until December, will lead the public company. 

Clear explanation 

Despite the fact that the firings of some of those responsible have begun, the regional presidents of Cantabria and Asturias, Miguel Ángel Revilla and Adrián Barbón Rodríguez, are demanding a clear explanation of how the error could have arisen. In any case, it will lead to a delay in the production and commissioning of the new trains for a maximum of three years. 

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