Winter weather returns to Spain with drastic drop in temperatures

by Lorraine Williamson
winter weather returns
nederlandse orthopeed

After a few lovely spring days, winter returns to Spain from Wednesday, according to Samuel Biener, weather expert at Meteored. The DANA that provided the pleasant temperatures in recent days is giving way to an anticyclone in the North Atlantic. 

And that is causing a significant drop in temperatures. Temperatures could be between 12ºC and 14ºC in the north. Whereas, inland, it could be just a little warmer at 15ºC. Winds are cold and heavy rain will arrive, especially along the Cantabrian coast. Rain may also fall in the rest of the peninsula, although to a lesser extent.  

Falling temperatures 

Temperatures will drop further on Thursday to temperatures between 8ºC and 10ºC. Frosts may arrive in the north and central Spanish mainland. Precipitation will persist in the northern half. Snow levels will be between 600-800 metres in the northwest. In the central part of the peninsula, it will be between 800 and 1,000 metres.  


Uncertainty over the weekend 

What the weather will do over the weekend is still uncertain, said Rubén del Campo, spokesman for the Spanish weather service AEMET. The most likely is that wintry weather will prevail. Frosts may occur inland, In the mountain areas it could even reach -10ºC. The cold air is also expected to move into the Mediterranean, where more rain will fall. 

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