Blunder: Spanish railway company makes trains that do not fit through tunnels

by Lorraine Williamson
train tunnel

SANTANDER – According to the government of Spain, the production of trains for the northern Spanish region of Cantabria has been postponed by three years because the trains designed by Renfe do not fit in the tunnels. 

According to the political party Ciudadanos, that statement is not credible because the dimensions of the tunnels have always been the same. The government explains that there has been a breakdown in the transfer of gauge data from the Spanish railway company to the company that designs the new narrow-gauge trains for Cantabria. As a result, trains are made that are too large for the Cantabrian tunnels. 

Politics wants explanation 

Ciudadanos (CS) spokesman Félix Álvarez has strongly criticised the situation in Cantabria with commuter trains. The update will now take even longer due to the error in the dimensions. For Álvarez, the explanations of the government of Spain for delaying the production of the trains by 3 years are not credible. “The government of Spain is using this as an excuse not to produce these trains simply because there is no money. And what is there goes to the usual because Cantabria has never been Pedro Sánchez’s priority,” the Ciudadanos spokesman stressed. 

AVE is not getting along in Cantabria 

According to the spokesman for the liberal formation, the AVE is moving forward at tortoiseshell speed towards Reinosa; the one in Bilbao is a bad joke; The government is not interested in the Atlantic Corridor, and now the region must wait three years. 

Faced with this situation, Ciudadanos has already submitted a series of questions to the Minister of Industry, Francisco Javier López Marcano. He can answer it before the plenary session of parliament for this “yet another attack and contempt for Cantabria. 

Vox wants to get rid of the regional president 

The VOX spokesman in the Parliament of Cantabria, Cristóbal Palacio, confirms that the “first head to roll” after the new “nonsense” in railway affairs “should be that of the president of the regional government, Miguel Ángel Revilla”. 

Cogesa Expats

Similarly, Cristóbal Palacio declares that Revilla has been the “first” to “play” with “unlikely” high-speed rail projects to Cantabria and “deliberately lie” to the rocks to “get” votes at all costs. 

VOX estimates that the regional president “is the first to explain” because all Cantabrians remember his “unfulfilled promises” in rail matters: “high-speed trains to Santander, to Bilbao and then to Reinosa. While the reality is that Cantabria is isolated and no is part of one of the transport expansion projects of Spain and Europe. 

IU and Podemos demand “something more than an explanation” 

Izquierda Unida and Podemos de Cantabria want central and regional governments to provide “something more than an explanation” about the delay in the delivery of trains to renew the Community’s fleet. 

This is how the coalition candidates, Mónica Rodero and Carmen Martín, reacted. “It is clear that, in addition to the necessary explanation, Cantabria must be compensated to get a faster alternative,” says Rodero. She criticizes the fact that the Cercanías short-distance trains have been abandoned and that all the money and effort have been put into the AVE. While the Cercanías trains carry thousands of Cantabrians who travel by train every day for work or study. 

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