Dutch who hid marijuana plantation behind wall arrested in Spain

by Lorraine Williamson
marijuana plantation arrest

LORCA – The Spanish police have arrested a woman after finding a covered marijuana plantation in a country house in the municipality of Lorca (Murcia). The 55-year-old Dutch hid her plantation behind a wall of carpentry. 

During the police action, 336 plants and 1.5 kilos of cannabis buds were seized. Consequently, the woman has been arrested for allegedly committing a crime against public health. This has been reported by La Opinion de Murcia. According to the Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs has not yet received a request for consular assistance. “If that is the case later, we will still grant it.” 

Marijuana plantation

Police initiated an investigation after receiving tips about illegal trade. Subsequently, the investigation revealed that the property had a shed which had been converted into a carpentry workshop. Inside the shed, there was a movable ‘false wall’ that had to be unlocked to find out its true function. Furthermore, the wall concealed the entrance to a space divided into three rooms with a sophisticated lighting and cooling system. This is where the cultivation of marijuana plants took place. 

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During the police action, 1.5 kilograms of marijuana buds were seized, which had already been cut, dried and prepared for distribution in the illegal market; 336 marijuana plants; 45 LED spots; three air conditioning machines; three carbon air extraction devices; and eight ventilators. The Dutch woman has been detained pending trial. 

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