This is the best supermarket gazpacho in Spain

by Lorraine Williamson
best supermarket gazpacho

MADRID – Nothing tastes better on a hot summer day in Spain than a refreshing gazpacho. This cold tomato soup is inextricably linked to authentic Spanish cuisine. 

The consumer organisation OCU published the results of a survey of the best gazpachos from the supermarket that are sold under a private label. Because not everyone has time to make a good gazpacho. That is why many choose to buy a pack of gazpacho from the supermarket. Very easy and most ready-made gazpachos have a great taste. Yet there are differences in taste and quality, which is why OCU went in search of the best. 

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The supermarket with the best Gazpacho 

It’s not a matter of price, nor a matter of brand. Whether or not we like a product depends mainly on our taste. For some, the best gazpacho from the supermarket is definitely from Mercadona. Hacendado has become one of Spaniards’ favourite house brands for typical Spanish products such as gazpacho. Moreover, the prices for these types of products at Mercadona are often very attractive. 

Yet the Mercadona gazpacho is not rated best by the OCU. Those responsible for the investigation have taken various aspects into account. First of all, they selected the gazpachos that we shouldn’t buy because they don’t meet the quality standards. 

Cogesa Expats

After this selection, the various supermarket products were subjected to a microbiological analysis in a laboratory. Other points taken into account are the visual aspect, the colour, the texture, the smell, the taste, the aftertaste… 

And the best gazpacho is… 

So: What is the best gazpacho sold in the supermarket under a house brand? The pack of gazpacho that scored the best on all points is Lidl’s gazpacho, ‘Chef Select’. It received a total of 83 points from a total of 100 from OCU. This brand is therefore not only in the ranking of the best private label gazpachos but is also the best product in its category at a general level and can therefore compete well with brands like Alvalle or Santa Teresa. 

The Lidl gazpacho is followed by the suit of ‘La Cocina’, the house brand of Aldi with 75 points out of 100. At number three is Dia’s ‘Alpunto Gazpacho Gourmet’ with 74 points out of 100. So, according to the OCU experts, everyone who wants to buy a very good gazpacho and a quality product at a very affordable price this summer at Lidl. 

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