Thirteen terrorist network members arrested in Spain and Morocco

by Lorraine Williamson
terrorist network

An anti-terrorist operation took place in Spain and Morocco on Tuesday. Thanks to the cooperation between the Moroccan and Spanish police, 13 people were arrested in both countries for alleged links to a jihadist terrorist network. 

According to Spanish news sources, it is one of the largest counter-terrorist operations in recent years. On Tuesday morning, October 4, La Policia Nacional searched several houses. As a result, they arrested ten people in Melilla and one person in Granada. Furthermore, Morocco’s national police units arrested two more people in the city of Nador. 

The detainees arrested on Spanish soil were brought to Madrid the same day to be handed over to the Audiencia Nacional in the Spanish capital. 

Expansion of terrorist network in Spain and Morocco was the goal of detainees 

The investigation is still ongoing and is coordinated by the Audiencia Nacional in Madrid. Information released by Spanish and Moroccan services so far is that all detainees are members of a terrorist cell. And that furthermore, they have contributed in the distribution of speeches and digital content of an extremist nature. The aim, according to Spanish and Moroccan police forces, was to recruit people to join the jihadist terrorist organisation. 

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Politicians and police chiefs praise cooperation between Spain and Morocco 

According to the Moroccan Central Bureau for Judicial Investigation (BCIJ), mobile phones, and computers were seized during the searches. SIM cards and other digital media was also found. Minister Grande Marlaska of Foreign Affairs in Spain and Police Chief Togores van Melilla praised the cooperation between Spain and Morocco. 

Both men were impressed by the effectiveness of the national police of Morocco and Spain in cooperation with other agencies, including Europol, in the relentless fight against terrorism. 

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