Spain wildly popular with foreign tourists in August

by Lorraine Williamson
Spain in August

Up to 8.8 million international visitors travelled through Spain in August. That is 69.7% more than in August 2021. Their spending also increased in August, to over €11 billion, 90.6% more than last August (€5.9 billion). 

With this new rebound in August, both international tourist arrivals and their spending in Spain have now recorded 14 consecutive months of year-on-year increases following the interruption by the coronavirus. 

After two disastrous years defined by the corona outbreak, the number of international visitors reached almost 48.1 million in the first eight months of the year.  

Spanish Industry, Trade and Tourism Minister Reyes Maroto expressed satisfaction with the figures, describing them as “extraordinary”. She stressed that tourism is the sector that contributes most to employment in Spain and one of the most dynamic sectors of the economy. And ‘despite the uncertainty of the autumn’, the sector continues to provide prosperity. 

Outlook for 2023 positive 

‘It is up to us to give confidence so that both national and international travellers choose us to continue enjoying their holidays. The outlook for 2023 is positive,’ the minister said, stressing the need to invest to improve the tourism experience for our visitors. 

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British, German and French loyal to Spain 

The UK was the main supplier of foreign tourists, with more than 1.8 million tourists, or 20.8% of the total and an increase of 157.1% compared to August 2021. France and Germany followed with 1.6 million (27.1% more year-on-year) visitors and Germany 1.1 million (62.8% more) tourists more, respectively. 

Spending almost doubled 

Average spending per tourist was €1,276, up 12.3% on last year. Average daily spending rose 20.5% to €162. 

Data from the INE also showed that the average trip duration of international tourists was 7.9 days, half a day less than in August 2021. In the first eight months of 2022, total spending by international tourists increased by 247.5% compared to the same period of the previous year, to almost €59 billion.

Campsites break record this summer 

Between June and August this year, campsites registered a total of 5,241,000 guests. This surpassed the record set in 2019, the last summer before the pandemic outbreak, by 10.38% and, according to the INE’s official data, it is now “the best summer in the history of Spanish campsites”. Campsites were in demand by both Spaniards and foreign tourists. 

The president of the Spanish Camping Federation, Ana Beriaín, hopes the economic uncertainty will have as little impact as possible on the off-season that has just started. A ‘very important’ season for the hundreds of campsites that still remain open and cater mainly to foreign customers. The increase in travellers was 13.47% compared to summer 2021, when the vaccination campaign was still in full swing and these were uncertain times with many restrictions.  

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