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by Lorraine Williamson
most read articles in 2022

Now the year 2022 is almost over, we can look back. It was‘ first full year of existence. A successful year of considerable growth in which the editors did their best to present you with the widest possible range of news. Now, we take a look back over the most read articles of 2022.

From the most important political and economic news, through messages that directly affect many, to topics that will sometimes only appeal to small groups of readers. From the always well-read reports about meteorological phenomena such as heat waves, desert dust and mud rains and their consequences, to news about prices in supermarkets, of cigarettes, toll roads, electricity or petrol. Sometimes we mainly appeal to fantasy and dreams with reports about almost deserted villages that can be bought in their entirety for next to nothing or report developments on the housing market for those who are considering settling in Spain. 

Others feel reassured by news of the performance of the Spanish police services time and time again when they have rounded up a large drug ring or captured a ‘most wanted’. Or we warn about campaigns by the Spanish traffic agency DGT or changes in the Spanish traffic law that can affect everyone. Other changes we highlight often include those as a result of Brexit, taxes or social security. 

Sharing our love for Spain 

We are also very happy to share our love for the beautiful and versatile country that is Spain in our sections Travel in Spain and Origins of Spain. Forgotten villages, endless nature reserves, handy lists with the best beaches, entertaining walks, things to do in.. the tastiest tapas, the best ski resorts and so on. In our opinion, to better understand Spain as a country, a little knowledge of its history and background does help. In the section Origins of Spain, among other subjects, you will find a chronological overview of Spanish history from prehistoric times to the present day. 

We also care about the world we live in. That’s why we have a special Environment category. In it we highlight interesting inventions to help the planet or report on what politicians are doing to improve it. 

Which were the most read articles in 2022? 

After two years in which the coronavirus dominated the global and Spanish news, we were more or less able to say goodbye to the pandemic this year. Unfortunately, this has been replaced by a lot of uncertainty and unrest following the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Apart from the millions of Ukrainians who are suffering after having fled their country and of those who live their daily lives in the middle of the war. A war with major consequences for the global energy markets and economy.  

Nevertheless, to conclude this in many respects eventful year, we would like to provide an overview of the most read articles per month in 2022.  

January: Spain has seen corona figures drop significantly for days 

February: Fiestas, ferias & celebrations in Spain 2022 

March: Third mass of Sahara dust on its way to southern and eastern Spain 

April: Calima and mud rain return to southern and south-eastern Spain 

May: Driving license changes for drivers over 65 years of age in Spain 

June: Scooby, the largest animal shelter in Spain sounds the alarm 

July: At least one suspected death and seven injured in Marbella Beach Club shooting 

August: Vallejo Gutierrez, Viviana Andrea, EU most wanted in Spain 

September: Storm Hermine haunts the Canary Islands 

Cogesa Expats

October: Updated tobacco prices in Spain 

November: Official 2022 FIFA World Cup Broadcasting rights in Spain 

December: Benidorm fire has left one seriously injured 

Top 10 most read articles on 2022 (apart from the above mentioned)

Which are the cheapest and most expensive supermarkets in Spain? 

Entire village in Spain for sale for 260.000 euros 

Spain property market forecast 2022 

Christmas travel could be at risk due to Spanish airport strikes 

Spain makes cigarettes, cigars and pipe tobacco more expensive 

The opening hours of the main supermarkets in Spain 

These are the Spanish national holidays and long weekends for 2023 

Three more arrested on UK’s “most wanted” list of fugitives 

Another strike at Ryanair Spain from Friday October 28 

Spain housing market bubble is slowly emptying 

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The team wishes you all the best for a healthy, peaceful and happy 2023! 


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