Watch this largest roundabout in Europe which is located in Spain

by Lorraine Williamson
largest roundabout in Europe

PROVINCIA DE BADAJOZ – The largest and most beautiful roundabout in Europe is located in Spain, in the region that listens to the imaginative name La Siberia. The roundabout is surrounded by water and a spectacular natural landscape. 

The water of the La Serena reservoir and the Zújar dam is the surroundings of the special roundabout. The nature in the vicinity of the town of Esparragosa de Lares is beautiful and is located in the province of Badajoz in the Extremadura region. The beauty that enfolds you when you drive through this roundabout is difficult to describe. But it has led to it now being at the top of a unique ranking: the roundabouts in Europe. That writes El Periodico de Extremadura. Which does not say who published the ranking first. 

The Extremadura region is relatively unknown. However, anyone who takes the trouble to explore the region will certainly be rewarded. The landscape is grand, wide, sloping, empty and beautiful. Those who do know the region would rather not let the masses realise how beautiful it is here. The town of Esparragosa de Lares is located east of the city of Mérida in a sloping area full of meadows with holm and cork oaks. 

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The roundabout of Cerro Masatrigo 

In this lush environment, the largest roundabout in Europe rises on Masatrigo Hill. It is 161 metres high and 1.3 kilometres wide and is located in the middle of two bridges. Arriving at the hill, the road splits into two one-way lanes around the round hill. 

Cerro Masatrigo is popularly called the Magic Mountain and some consider it a miracle of nature. There are two hiking trails on the hill, one leads around the hill and the other takes you to the top. You can also cycle there. Due to the special shape of the mountain and the imaginative surroundings, the roundabout served as a backdrop in advertisements for various car brands. 

What is the largest roundabout in the world? 

The Cerro Masatrigo may be the largest roundabout in Europe, but not in the world. This is located in Malaysia in the city of Putrajaya, 40 kilometres south of the capital Kuala Lumpur. This roundabout is 3.5 kilometres long and without a doubt the largest. 

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