The Spanish government interferes in the clothing sector and shows the effects of fast fashion

by Lorraine Williamson
fast fasthion

The Spanish government is going to interfere in the clothing industry. The Ministry of Consumer Affairs launched a campaign just before Christmas where young people are confronted with the impact of fast fashion on the environment. 

On Wednesday 21 December, the Ministry of Consumer Affairs launched the campaign ‘Presume de armario sostenible’ (Show your sustainable wardrobe). This campaign is intended to raise awareness of how polluting the clothing sector is and its impact on the environment. With this action, the Ministry wants to stimulate sustainable fashion. 

The impact of fast fashion on the environment through the eyes of Spanish youth 

The Ministry, led by Alberto Garzón, presents this campaign through three young people who share the ways they already care for the environment. In the video they show the contents of their own wardrobe. They are then invited to view images of the effects of their clothing (purchases) on the environment. The young people did not know beforehand what they would see during that appointment. This was deliberately chosen to portray their shocking reactions to the images as realistically as possible. 

With the help of this video, the viewer is confronted with the astounding effects of this sector on the environment. Furthermore, Consumer Affairs hopes to ensure this new generation becomes the sustainable generation, also in the field of clothing. 

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Spanish government focuses on polluting clothing sector 

The Ministry of Consumer Affairs has seventeen sustainability goals that will be worked on in the coming years. For example, the clothing sector has a significant impact on water consumption and there is still much to be gained from decent working conditions and responsible production and consumption of clothing. 

Since the beginning of the appointment of Minister Garzón, his Ministry has been committed to a new and responsible way of producing and consuming clothing. Earlier he already conducted a dialogue about sustainable consumption and the Consumer Footprint Calculator was launched. Moreover, this tool gives consumers insight into the environmental impact of their lifestyle. The Ministry also launched the Spanish variant of the UN’s All Hands on Deck, which encourages small changes for a sustainable lifestyle. 

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