The Costa del Sol hotel sector wants authorities to stimulate air traffic recovery

by Lorraine Williamson
Malaga flights

MALAGA – The Costa del Sol association of hotels Aehcos is asking authorities to offer airlines with flights to Málaga financial incentives so that they continue to fly into the airport. 

In doing so, they hope for a rapid recovery of air traffic at Málaga-Costa del Sol airport. More specifically, Aehcos asks companies responsible for tourism promotion to invest in financial incentives for airlines. As such, they will continue to choose Málaga among their destinations. 

Flight schedules

With many airline companies in dire straits, they have been forced to adapt flight schedules to the new difficult conditions. This also means choices have to be made and sometimes routes are scrapped based on the degree of their profitability. To prevent companies from scrapping Málaga as a destination, specific measures must encourage them to continue to fly to Málaga. For example, Norwegian recently indicated that it would continue to fly to Alicante and Málaga. 

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Costa del Sol tourism

Aehcos points out that the recovery of air traffic in Málaga is essential not only for the hotel sector. But also for the rest of tourism. And even for other industries in which the province also wants to become a leader, such as technology. 

75% loss of air traffic 

According to information from La Opinion de Málaga, Malaga airport registered just over 5 million passengers in 2020, compared to 19.8 million the previous year. That equates to a 75% loss of air traffic as a result of the pandemic. According to data collected by Aehcos, flights scheduled until the end of October represent only 60% of the supply in the same period of 2019. 


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